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Improve Sales Performance with WPCRM

WPCRM takes Account Management and Sales Force Automation to the next level. Its Opportunity Tracking process is highly sophisticated behind the scenes, yet it can be configured for simple, hassle-free use. Configurable to allow users to capture as much - or as little - information as desired, the system is designed to improve focus, enable a structured selling process, and allow Sales users to concentrate on selling, not data entry.

A major advantage of WPCRM's Sales Opportunity Tracking process is the deep ERP integration, optionally enabling users to track opportunities in relation to Prospects, Customers, Vendors, Products and Regions - either inside or outside of the company's ERP system.



Transform Customer Visibility and Communication

WPCRM provides a 360-degree view of customer activity for all departments within your Organization.  Review Accounts' history in an instant with the proprietary Activity Feed, providing real-time updates on all areas of customer, vendor and partner activity, including: orders, sales, service requests, appointments, emails, tasks, goals, opportunities and more.