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WPCRM for Marketing Professionals

WPCRM's Integrated Marketing tools allow users to create effective, targeted marketing campaigns. These email or direct-mail efforts can be geared to a specific group of customers or prospects, saving time and streamlining the process. The campaigns, which make it easy to build lists of complex business data, promote efficiency and help the sales team to better manage customer expectations. That translates into more time for selling, less time wasted on problem-solving, and fewer dissatisfied customers being inundated with irrelevant information. In the end, more leads are converted to actual sales.   


Advanced Customer Targeting and Communications

Combining the power and performance of WPCRM's Sales Analytics with easy-to-use email editing tools -- to create targeted lists of campaign recipients.  Ideal for Customer communications, event announcements, pricing increases, vendor-specific specials and specialized promotions.



In addition to an intuitive messaging and template system, WPCRM allows advanced marketing users to perform the following tasks:

  • Sales-based Email Messages
  • Drip Campaigns
  • Social Media Integration
  • Event Planning and Registration
  • Bounce tracking and advanced recipient analytics
  • Link tracking and campaign effectiveness metrics

Web Site Integration

Harvest leads directly from your company's corporate web site into WPCRM with easy-to-use HTML snippets and web integration tools.  Allow your customers to access important information, review order statuses and update their personal preferences via WPCRM's customer-facing portal.

Some examples of integrated Customer-level Analytics within WPCRM are:

  • Recommended products based on Customer's buyer patterns, or "white space" opportunities -- based on discrepancies between one customer's purchase history vs. other "typical" customers' buying patterns.
  • Recognizing when customers stop buying products, and notifying account managers immediately.
  • Alerting customers and/or account managers when an account's products are on promotion.
  • Analyzing the profitability of a customer based on customizable metrics (e.g. Frequency of order, average order size, number of returns, etc.)

WPCRM also allows for easy integration with customized Business Analytics metrics and specialized Industry-specific metrics.  For more information about integrating your specific Business Intelligence needs into WPCRM, request a live demo.