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WPCRM Analytics and Integrated Business Intelligence (BI)

WPCRM takes a more advanced approach to business intelligence that goes beyond the standard reporting used by many mid- to large-sized businesses. We elevated the concept to create an enterprise-grade product that provides true predictive analysis and deep, highly complex business intelligence. It transforms data into meaningful and useful information that your business users can act on to create a business advantage. Despite this behind-the-scenes complexity, WPCRM is easy to use and even adds simplicity to your processes. The end result? More information at your fingertips and better insight into your business. With WPCRM, you can take action with ease--and with confidence.   


Taking the Guesswork out of Sales Decisions

We like to think of it as a process that transforms data into smart decisions. WPCRM gives your sales team the inside story on the customer, other departments within your organization, vendors, products, and the overall performance of your organization. This information can be used to move the organization forward.

Some examples of integrated Customer-level Analytics within WPCRM are:

  • Recommended products based on Customer's buyer patterns, or "white space" opportunities -- based on discrepancies between one customer's purchase history vs. other "typical" customers' buying patterns.
  • Recognizing when customers stop buying products, and notifying account managers immediately.
  • Alerting customers and/or account managers when an account's products are on promotion.
  • Analyzing the profitability of a customer based on customizable metrics (e.g. Frequency of order, average order size, number of returns, etc.)

WPCRM also allows for easy integration with customized Business Analytics metrics and specialized Industry-specific metrics.  For more information about integrating your specific Business Intelligence needs into WPCRM, request a live demo.